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Tanning studio Naomi in Rubin Hotel

Everybody knows that sunlight is essential for human health. People have always sought to have a sunbath to get a nice tan and a portion of D-vitamin, but they can't do it often enought, unfortunately. Modern solariums helps to decide this problem, because it's not only a great altenative to sunlight, but becomes a more rivals the sun itself. The advantage of solariums in contrast of natural radiation is depends on the individual features and skin types. In addition, getting a suntan can easily fit into a busy pace of life. By the way this short break for getting a suntan gives you an excellent chance to get some rest.

The tanning studio "Naomi" offers you a vertical solarium "Luxura V5" of Netherlands company "Hapro". Powerful light provide an excellent suntan, and a mirrored floor will tan your legs even more intense.

The hotel also offers you a wide range of professional cosmetic productions for the solarium, corresponding to the most demanding requests.


  • 1 session: 200
  • 5 sessions:  900
  • 10 sessions:  1 500

Hours: from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

We will help you to become more healthy and beautiful with the great pleasure!

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