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About Sakhalin

Sakhalin Region is unique because it is the only region in Russia, situated on 59 islands. It comprises the island of Sakhalin and surrounding small islands Moneron and Seals island, the Kuril archipelago in and the Lesser Kuril Ridge. The area is washed by the Sea of Okhotsk and the Sea of Japan and the Pacific Ocean. It borders on the sea with the Kamchatka Territory, Khabarovsk Territory, and Japan.

Recreational resources, the purity, the presence of wild untouched nature, rich and unique fauna and underwater life make the island one of the most interesting places for tourists.

  • Area: 87,100 sq. km.
  • Population: 510,800 people
  • The capital: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
  • Population: 188,907 people.

History of the Sakhalin island

The island got its name from the Manchu name of the Amur River - "Sahalyan-ulla," which means "Black River" - the name was mistakenly attributed to Sakhalin, and in subsequent publications was printed as the name of the island.

In 1805 a Russian vessel, commanded by Krusenstern explored much of the coast of Sakhalin Island, and concluded that the Sakhalin - the peninsula. In 1808 the Japanese expedition, which was headed by Mamiya and Matsuda Denzyuro Rindzo proved that Sakhalin is an island. Most European cartographers were skeptical about it. Only in 1849, Admiral Gennady Nevelskoy was able to pass between the island and the mainland, having found a navigable strait, which was later named in his honor. Soon, Sakhalin was annexed to Russia. In 1858 by decree of the imperial government Sakhalin Island was a place of exile for forced labor and used as a place of exile until 1906. In 1905, as a result of defeat in the Russian-Japanese war, the southern part of Sakhalin was torn away in Japan and was under its control until the end of World War II.

The present borders of the Sakhalin region were formed on the 2 of January, 1947 after the reunification with Russia.

Buity of the Sakhalin island

Sakhalin and the Kuril islands provide endless opportunities to plunge into the world of unique and protected areas, which is why they have always been attractive to tourists all year round. There is an incredibly wide choice of routes: ethnographic, ecological, scientific, skiing, hunting and fishing, extreme tours, dayfing, fishing, hunting, etc.

Sakhalin area - an ideal place for fishing enthusiasts. There are countless beautiful lakes, streams and rivers. River network density is higher than the average in Russia. Fishing is available all year round.

You can visit the mountains of Waida- the largest in Sakhalin ancient reef formation.

Hot springs are waiting for tourists not only in the Kuriles, but also in the north Noglinskom area of Sakhalin. In Aleksandrovsk-Sakhalinsk region you can be in touch with the history of the development of Sakhalin by the Russian people, the history of the Russian prison on Sakhalin, which was not passed by the legendary "Sonka, the Golden Hand." You can also know more facts about the greatest Russian Writer Anton Chekhov, who was living on the island for a long time.

The famous rock "Frog" Looks like the real frog. This is a unique place of power, because if you concentrate, you can feel the tingling in the fingers. Two kilometers away from the rocks is a beautiful 8-foot waterfall. The road to the waterfall passes through the amazing places: first through the steep bank, then through the Sakhalin "jungle" and the virgin forest. You can even swim in the waterfall. The return trip goes along the steep slope on which 800 years ago the earthquake was scattered large boulders. Several years ago, this slope was visited by a "space" guest - a meteorite that left behind a wide trail of fire. After traveling is the feeling that you was in a "Far Far Away kingdom."

During the traveling through the Kuril Islands, it is possible to visit the huge botanical garden, to see the highest waterfall in Russia, Ilya of Muromets (141 m), admire the volcanoes on the island which 150 (39 of them active). Island Moneron is beauty as seven wonders of the world. Clear water from the waves in enclosed lagoons creates excellent opportunities for diving. In the coastal reefs of the islands the are breeding grounds of marine mammals - sea lions, spotted seals and nesting seabirds.

Dont miss a chance and visit the unique places of our region and you will have ungorgettable impression about the Sakhalin island, which looks like fish.

Points of interest in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

There is a variety of attractions and amazing mysteries of the island capital of the region Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. We give examples of just some of them.

  • Without leaving the city can get on the sports and tourist complex "Gorniy Vozdyh", a well-known excellent tracks and modern gondola lift and chair lift. It is the ideal place for skiing and snowboarding.
  • With one of the city area begins the ascent to the peak of Chekhov, which offers incredible views of the beautiful city and mountain peaks.
  • The most beautiful architectural monument of the city - Regional Museum, made in the traditional Japanese architectural style "imperial crown." The museum's collections cover the period from prehistory to the present time: archaeological, ethnographic, historical, paleontological, geological, botanical, zoological, and others.
  • Sakhalin Regional Art Museum is housed in a former Japanese bank "Hokkaido Takushoku," which was built in the early. Here you can see the "Ancient Art", "The Art of Japan", " The Art of Korea and so on.

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